NanobridTM Technology platform

Redefine patient experience and clinical outcomes through innovative nanotechnology-based solutions

  • Improve convenience
  • Custom formulation & better delivery of active ingredient
  • Superior efficacy and improved safety

NanobridTM Technology platform

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NanobridTM is proprietary next generation lipid-polymer hybrid nanotechnology platform.

Stable, prolong drug release

Lower particles size & narrow size distribution

Surface modifications

Low drug entrapment & scale-up issues

High cost of manufacturing

Stability issue, burst release

Limited surface modification

No toxicity issues

High drug entrapment

Low cost of manufacturing

Our platform allows delivery of “difficult to deliver” active ingredients across a variety of therapeutic areas and clinical indications. Our hybrid platform overcomes challenges associated with lipidic and polymeric nanoparticle systems. NanobridTM Platform is flexible and can be adapted to various routes of administration such as topical, injectables, ocular, nasal, oral etc. to design products with superior value propositions


Be trusted expert in nanotechnology


Redefine patient experience and clinical outcomes through next generation formulation science

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