NanobridTM Technology Platform

NanobridTM is proprietary next generation lipidic and polymeric nanoparticle system

Stable, prolong drug release

Lower particles size & narrow size distribution

Possible surface modifications

Lower drug entrapment & scale-up issues

Higher cost of manufacturing

Stability issue, possible burst release

Limited surface modification possibility

No toxicity issues

Higher drug entrapment

Lower cost of manufacturing

NanobridTM Platform

  • NanobridTM platform uses solid-lipid, liquid-lipid, and amphiphilic polymer that comes together to form monolithic type hybrid nanoparticles (<200 nm size)
  • Active ingredient (lipid soluble) gets encapsulated in the hydrophobic core
  • Hydrophilic (water soluble) portion of polymer arranges outside core and interacts with aqueous phase and is responsible for offering stability
  • Surface modification of polymer offers possibility for targeted delivery (for example to liver, brain, and cancer cells)
  • NanobridTM platform offers flexibility of selecting variety of polymers, lipids, and surfactants to optimize formulation characteristics based on target candidate and desired target product profile

NanobridTM advantage

NanobridTM platform presents broad applicability in drug delivery by enhancing formulation to improve efficacy, safety and patient convenience. Below are potential use cases

Potential use case

NanobridTM solution

Poor bioavailability: Difficulty in delivering active ingredient to skin or nails limiting efficacy

  • NanobridTM formulation reaches to deeper level of disease affected skin or nails.
  • Slow and sustained release of active ingredient improves therapeutic outcome.

Poor safety profile: product cannot be used for more than two weeks when used topically due to increased risk of systemic side-effects.

  • NanobridTM formulation reduce risk of absorption of active ingredient into blood circulation and therefore can be used for a longer duration.
  • NanobridTM formulation require reduced dose to produce similar or superior therapeutic effect due to improved cellular uptake
Patient inconvenience: Patients expressed discomfort applying oily greasy creams and discontinuing prescribed treatment.
  • NanobridTM transparent gel formulation gets absorbed in skin quickly and is suitable for the application in the visible part of body (e.g. face and hands) without risk of getting noticed.